Rupaul's Drag Race Episode 4...

"Getting married at 18... That's like getting to the buffet of life, choosing a piece of toast and say It's okay. I'll just have this one piece of toast... Forever."
- Mo (Welcome back Degrassi!)

I'm mad at the world right now. Not only did Zyi lose his $1400 school computer, my phone just ate my journal entry.
Never you mind... On with the show...
Wait, did I mention Farrah shoulda been in the bottom 3 last week and not Aja? As whiny as Aja is being, she shouldn't have been bottom 2. How dare my beloved Nina Bonina get picked last! The scandal! Did I mention Eureka gets on my nerves? Ugh! Shut up!
I heart me some Charlie Hides but, in the words of Latrice Royalle: "Bitch, you need the 5 Gs: Good God Gurl Get A Grip". Too perserious for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't hafta be so straightforward. Have fun! Jeez.
Shea Coluee (I probably spelled that incorrectly) tho'... Hilarious. Her and Sasha were perfect in their section.
Okay, so while we're on a commercial break, here's what I was cackling about earlier: I'm starting to show my years. What do I mean? Earlier I noticed that a lot of things that I used to do, bother me now when I hear of others discussing them. See, earlier one of the guys at my job was talking about having a back up when it comes to chicks. I was shocked and disgusted knowing full well I practically invented the "back up boo". Shit, when I was at my worst, my back ups had back ups. I almost... Dare I say it? I almost judged. *gasp*
Oh, I totally forgot their challenge this week. They're pretending to be co-hosts on a daytime talk show. It's super duper ubber cringy. Nina Bonina is everything in this! I'm LIVING 💜. Gah... Dude, Charlie Hides is so bottom 2 this week and I'm sad about it. Imma say Charlie, Trinity and Aja (Yeah, that ass would deserve it this week... Glad she apologized for being rude to Valentina tho') are bottom 3.
My top 3 this week are
1. Nina Bonina Brown
2. Shea
3. Sasha
Let's see if Rupaul agrees with me cuz this is before their runway show. Gawd, shut up Eureka... Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP! Bitch rude for no reason.
Rupaul's dress is hideous... I hate that yellow fabric. No, just no. A thousand times no. And with a white wig! Ugh!
They're wearing lingerie for the runway. Out of everyone, I will say I like Cynthia Lee's lingerie the most.
Sasha and Shea won! I totally agree with it.
Why my Nina crying?! Don't cry! She's just so happy. She's in her head too much... I hate it when talented people don't realize how talented they are. I need to be her friend. I wish I knew her in real life. Unless it's all an act for the show. Everyone is terrified to be their season's Phi Phi, ya know? No, she seemed really genuine. If it is an act... Shit... *applause* The Oscar goes to...
Trinity and Charlie are bottom 2... At least this week I totally get it.
They're trying to get Charlie to fight for her spot but Trinity just stomped Charlie through the floor. She was swifer wet jetting the dog shit outta that run way. Bitch was serving something I wanted more of. *applause *
Bye Charlie... I am not happy about Charlie leaving but Trinity won fair and square.