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"Just remember: What other people think of you is none of your business."
- Rupaul (I know she didn't originate the quote but it meant more to me when I heard it out her mouth)

As the title says, I slept through Episode 3. (Don't judge me. I had a long day. Sidebar: I looked up Jaymes Mansfield. *cough cough* She really is boring. *cough cough* Sorry 'bout it... *winks* Not sorry) Luckily, they play it twice so... yeah, this is my episode 3 review.
Wait... Wait... This week's challenge is giving me life and they haven't even started yet. They're creating a Disney Princess persona! But wait, there's more! They hafta create a sassy side kick and play both parts. Yes! (Or as Gia Gunn would say... "Yaaaaaas! *snaps fingers*) They also hafta create a backstory for their faux Disney persona...
So uh, Nina... Whatcha doing?
*sighs* They haven't shown her yet but I feel like I'm not gonna like Farrah Moan. She's aggravating. Like bitch, you're more than your look and your whinning is just UGH!
My top picks...
1. Nina Bonina Brown
2. Charlie Hides
3. Trinity (Her sassy sidekick was what made me pick her. Redneck star fish... what's not to love?... Be careful not to get any WTDs... *smiles*)
Cynthia Lee's explanation as to why she says "Cucu" made me smile. (She's growing on me... Like an ubber persistant rash) Oh! Oh! They're talking about Pulse. (Check my back entries... It still brings tears to my eyes to this very day. I mean, I dabble in conspiracy theories but even I didn't touch those. I couldn't. It didn't matter why. It just shouldn't have happened...) Trinity had just performed there the week before it happened. Cynthia Lee was supposed to perform that night. Dude, she lost a friend. Oh man... It's crazy that she could've been there. It sucks our community is still under attack after all this time, ya know?
Todrick is a guest judge tonight. I heart him. He's a Disney enthusiast so this is the perfect challenge for him to guest just on. *clears throat* Cue music! "Be our guest... Be our guest... Put our drag queens to the test. May your heart be filled with wonder and let Rupaul do the rest..."
Dude, finally saw Nina Bo Nina... Totally worth the wait... That body oddy oddy tho'... Padded for the gods... I think Valentina is gonna win this thing. She wasn't one of my favorites but I see why they picked her. Her sassy sidekick was really funny and the solution to dealing with people is to hate everyone did crack me up. So yeah, I didn't pick her but I get it. Bottom two is definitely Kimora and Farrah. Ah, Trinity won... I did live for her sidekick. I knew it was gonna... *shocked gasp* Why the fuck is Aja in the bottom two and not Farrah?! Shit, Aja is turning that shit out though... Get your ass on Kimora. Kick rocks. Aja shouldn't have even been down there with you.
Bye boo. Bye.



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