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13 Reasons Why...

"Who we are does not only come from home. It's not just how we are raised. A lot of it is environment. Sometimes a person from a beautiful, loving family will grow up to be an addict."
- Me

Jovous asked me did I know Trump set off missiles in Syria yesterday. *sighs sadly* No, I didn't. I really didn't. So it begins... This is real...
Oddly enough, that's not wby I'm here. I'm here because of this Netflix Original series I just wrapped up called 13 Reasons Why. It's about this boy named Clay who is in love with this girl named Hannah and Hannah kills herself but before she does, she makes these tapes (Serving as a suicide note) which are to be passed along to each kid who had a hand in why she decided to end it. I pretty much soared through it in 2days. Out of everyone, I felt for Clay the most because as Hannah said on his tape, he didn't belong there. He was the one ray if light in her life... She just didn't wanna tarnish him. I remember when I was like that. I used to think that I was too broken for anyone to care about me and if they did, they were signing their own death warrant. I'm glad all of that is behind me but I still remember. I don't wanna forget the story that brought me here. All stories, whether good or bad, are part of your life novel. There are no do overs so you can't just act as if it didn't happen or isn't there.
So yeah, people should watch it. Especially if they have kids because as parents, we forget that our kids are people too. They have thoughts and feelings and sometimes we don't want to believe our kids have troubles but even if it seems tiny or insignificant, we should listen. Or... At least, that's what I got out of it. I know unless it's Power Rangers related I usually only review movies but this one was important. Perks of Being A Wallflower important.
As time goes on, I feel like I'm failing my kids sometimes. Especially Zyi. He's failing in school and he swears there's nothing going on but he doesn't want tutoring... But he's failing. He has help from everywhere if he accepts it. I take partial blame because I believed him when he said he was getting it together. I saw thr report card. He has NOTHING together. It's sad too because we make time for homework and studying. They have a time for that. I make sure to assign enough time for everything. So yeah, he's choosing to be a failure. It bothers me because I was arguably one of the worst students on the planet but I managed to never fail a grade. It's infuriating! Like... If you need help, say so. Why be a failure when you don't hafta be? I just don't get it...
*sighs* But I would like to.



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