Drag Race Episode 2...

"Anything is possible until your heart stops beating."
- Father Gabriel (The Walking Dead)

Before I start this review... Kyle did get out! Uh... Yey?
Okay, Imma try this shit. Tonight they brought back Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Uh... Drag Race, I love you but dude... yo, really? Really? There was no one else?
Lord, they want them to be cheerleaders. Lord, why? No... They hafta do lifts. I cannot with this.
Wait... I wanna say I like that they're discussing mortality. Wait! Stop the presses! Rupaul is back in drag!!! Yes! I'm so glad. Anyway, back to what I was saying, Cynthia is coming back off a battle with cancer. As much as I would rather another queen, I like that they're touching on this topic. People have been otherwise healthy and just dropped dead. I think just about every person I know has been touched by cancer at some point. *sighs* Maybe cancer needs to keep its hands to itself.
Um... dude, the white party looks: I am so Nina Bonina Brown right now I can't see anyone else. Well, because of humor reasons I see Charlie Hydes but... The other queens remind me too much of others. Hopefully that will change but as of this second its Nina Bonina Banana Fanna Fo Fina Osama bin Laden Brown (I swear she said that 💜)
What an interesting white party. (Trinity won the challenge!... Bitch can tumble... It just dawned on me that this season might not have as many dancers as others) am not in it to win it when it comes to Jaymes Mansfield. I dunno why. No, I'm lying. You're supposed to be a freaking comedy queen! Where is your inner Bianca? Or Bob? Or Jinkx Monsoon? Or at least accidentally hilarious like Alyssa Edwards.
Dude, I saw Kimora beating Jaymes 30 millon miles away. Jaymes was just dry and boring.
Not to be petty but I 100% will not miss you. Just bleeh. Imma look her up. Hopefully editing just made her boring. That has happened to many queens before. Unless you're Phi Phi tHen let's get real here: You really can't edit that much bitch onto a person. Here's to hoping... (It's not looking good...)
PS: No matter how I feel about Cynthia, "She was just doing comnunity service" gave me life...
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