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Life Poisons... *sighs*

"That's why people who say children are a miracle from God and meh meh meh... No, God hates you. That's why he gives you children... To make you hate yourself."
- Me (Having an off day *shrugs*)

Speaking of children (Or poisons... Dependson if you saw the title or the quote 1st)... I'm kinda on the fence about writing this entry. I mean, in a technical sense, it's none of my business but in a realistic sense, it kinda is cuz no matter how frustrated I get at him, Kyle is still family. Ugh... he just is. So what's up? Hopefully Kyle will be getting outta jail this morning. ⬅ Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, during his short stint (Read: Employment)at the local Tommy's, he managed to pilfir what could be either 48 or 66 beers. David got conflicting reports so we'll see how that goes. All I know is, there's camera evidence so yeah, jail. Supposedly Krampus might be able to get him out. I hope she's not lying cuz yo, when I say we are broke, I mean we are on the ground, above and beyond the call of poor broke. Even if we weren't, like I told David last night, Kyle has never truly had to fail. No one makes him solve his own screw ups... It pretty much shaped the foundation of who he is today. They can't even be mad about it cuz everyone has had a hand in enabling him at some point in some way. Including me.
Speaking of all things Shinigami, I had to step in yesterday to stop what could have been a fight at work. I was so angry and disgusted because I felt like our dumbass managers were just gonna let it happen when to be honest, as soon as you noticed the 1st flickers of an argument, you shoulda squashed that shit. Like, dude... That's your job. I flatout said: "If your shirt is a higher grade of polyester, rayon, and cotton blend than mine, do your job! Get your people in line." Over and over I kept saying" I shouldn't have even had to move." If you are a manager, you're pretty much an over glorified babysitter no matter what you think. Your 1st objective is the customers your second is the crew. You are so last it's not even funny so if you can't handle that kinda pressure, don't take the shirt. Easy peasy.
Bleeh... *points* Imma need that gas mask for all the life poisons wafting around lately. I'm centered now and I refuse to let anything change that.



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