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Truth Is...

"And how are you today?"
- Arnette
"*attempts eyeroll which we all know I suck at* Shitty."
"*pauses* *stares intently* Need some tissue?"
- Arnette
"*bursts out laughing despite current mood* I fucking hate you..."
- Me (I do believe this is his 1st LiveJournal conversation... He's hit my Facebook before but this is his 1st LiveJournal pop in)

Okay, so after I had that huge rant yesterday, I did some perserious thinking. I'm talking soul searching thoughts. Here's what I came up with: After all this time, the unthinkable has occurred: I 100% believe David has finally pushed me too far. I don't wanna be all get out, go away blah blah blah but right now, I can't even look at him without getting pissed and that's just no way to live. For me or for him. So now what? Honestly, I dunno. Not kidding, the same hour he blew up at me Monday, Troy popped up outta the blue inviting me to Comicon on Saturday. Wondering why I upped and stopped talking to him. Honestly, I stopped talking to any guy I've ever had a sexual thought about but details, details... He doesn't nees to know that. As a matter of fact, I had to ask who he was cuz it's been that long. Of course, no one is ever gonna acknowledge the effort I've put in to give David mental stability but eh... It wasn't just for him. It was for me too. You can't say you're 100% all in if your hands are still in many pots... And that's just the truth of the matter. What bugs me tho' is fairly simple: Where's my security? Where is my proof that you've got your shit together? I mean, I'm no prize most days. I get that but... on the same note, I am not a victim in my life. I know for a fact that 90%... No, I'm willing to bank on 95%... Maybe even 98%... Anyway, that much of my life is either directly or indirectly controlled by a decision I made. I'm talking about all of it. Even the dark, twisted parts. I am no victim. Never will be. When I should walk away, I don't. When I should say no, I don't. When I should be focused on myself instead of everyone else... Shit, we all know I'm not.
But in centering myself, I have learned quite a bit from my flaws. I'm better for it. Instead of always behaving like my hands are clean in every situation, I own my shit. I did everything that's written here. ALL OF IT. I'm not a bad person but, I have to try more than I actually achieve and that's hard for someone like me to admit. I try to be a better me every chance I get. I'm just so tired. I want peace. I've suffered enough to feel like I've earned it.
PS: I'm starting to feel like that's what's really wrong. David and I are at different stages in our lives. I'm changing everyday because I crave peace. He's still an addict and is okay with dragging me through it... That's not okay

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9: Episode 9...

"I have got to get my head in the game."
- Famous last words on RuPaul's Drag Race. I swear, every queen who says that goes home in the episode

Here I am watching Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race again. Gah, I love you, Bianca! I'm sitting here waiting on RuPaul's Drag Race to come on. I just realized I watch an ass of Drag Race. Like, all the time. Doesn't matter.
It's time! Looking fine, Season 9. C'mon VH1... Let's get sickening! *Gia Gunn voice* Yaaaaas!
Ugh, I really don't wanna relive the Michelle roast. Shit was awful. It had some "moments". Mostly tho', let's just act as if that travesty never occurred.
Moving along...
I'm scared Nina might be going home this episode. She's giving off a Laganja Season 6 vibe. I'm worried, y'all. Is there gonna be a mini challenge? Nope, straight to Maxi. Damn. I'm starting to agree with the rest of the internet: These episodes seem rushed. Bleeh.
Trinity, Peppermint and Alexis as a team
Time out! Katya and Bob The Drag Queen are on a commercial promoting the new Baywatch movie. Come through, Gay Watch! Time in...
Hopefully Nina and Valentina as a team prove to be a wonderful idea. Which leaves Shea and Sasha as the other team. They're filming faux television pilots. Gah, I hope Nina and Valentina are epic. *eyes crossed* It's not looking good. More negative focus on Nina... *sighs* Yeah, it's looking bad. Nina and Valentina are unprepared. Fear... So much fear.
I am living for these Gay Watch commercials. 💜 Bob The Drag Queen and Katya 💜
Best pilot... Since this week I won't be able to do Top 3 vs. Bottom 3. Gah, Nina. Stop. You've got me worried and I need you in my life. Don't fall in the Drag Race Trap...
Favorite runway looks
1. Sasha
2. Nina Bo Nina Brown
3. Valentina
4. Peppermint
Katya and Bob The Drag Queen lipsyncing the Bay Watch​ theme. File the under "Things you didn't know you needed on your life but are thrilled they exist."
I love Shea and
Valentina... Nina... No... Just no... A thousand times no. It's bad, yo. I'm so sad for them. It's that bad. I already know they're both up for elimination cuz Trinity, Peppermint and Alexis Michelle did great. 😭😭😭 I'm so fucking scared y'all.
Imma need at least one more Katya and Bob The Drag Queen Gay Watch commercial to ease the blow that I know is coming.
Sasha and Shea won tho'. I'm good with that. *nod nod* I love that decision.
Lord, if anyone starts a sentence with: "I'm not trying to throw my beautiful teammates under the bus but..." Everything after the "but" is gonna sound exactly like throwing a bitch under the bus. No one likes a whiny mouth turn coat, Alexis Michelle. Just sayin'.
No more Bob and Katya. The hits just keep coming... Here it goes...
Nina vs. Valentina... I'm so shocked... Said no one ever.
Why won't Valentina take off her face mask? Like, she's hard down dancing with that mask on. Michelle Visage just asked. The guest judges just asked. Uh oh, Carson Kressley just asked. Dude, the look on Ru's face: Gold.
Lord, for the 1st time in RuPaul's Drag Race history, RuPaul stopped a lipsync. Dude, she looked mad as Hell. I don't think Valentina knows the words... Well, they made her take off that mask. They're gonna start over. Oh no, I'm right. She doesn't. She really doesn't. Oh damn. I've seen plenty bitches not know the words on here but to keep a face mask on so that everyone's pointing at you trying to figure out why you won't take it off during a LIPSYNC? No bitch, no. That's cheating. Sashay away... Just go. Girl, bye.
I'm beyond disgusted right now.
PS: *tears* No Fire Island tonight. They moved it to Thursdays on Logo. I do not like this turn of events. Imma need to look it up cuz... Duh, Patrick. Need I say more?
"He may be your father but he sure ain't your daddy."
- Yondu (One of my all time favorite lines from Guardians of The Galaxy volume 2... RIP Mary Poppins!💜)

So, since Arnette brought it up this morning, I never mentioned that I saw Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 Saturday. (Probably because the night ended badly cuz David got mad cuz he wanted alcohol and I didn't but he claimed the night was for me for Mother's Day so why does it matter what I wanted to do? He even flat out told me it was whatever I wanted then somehow turned it into he had plans. Uh, what plans? You said, out your own face, that it was up to me. I get pissed every time someone asks me about my Mother's Day cuz it ended with him telling me he's starting to hate me. I should have never become a mom. I fucking hate Mother's Day. I looked it up. I've only had five good ones since I became one. And don't get me started on the fuckery of Monday with him telling me I need to lay off him cuz with how I act, I could be with a guy who's beating me... Uh, so I should settle for an addict instead? Wait... what? Whoo! Pin a ribbon on me. I've won the poverty lottery... Said no one ever. My thing is that plenty of gentle, loving people are in abisive relationships and if I'm so horrible, why are you still with me? Like dude, take those 15yr old girl, tired, old school manipulation tactics and cram them up your tight end. That's what insecure people do. Instead of trying to solve the problem at hand, they try to convince you you're the problem then balance it by telling you they're pretty much the best you're gonna get. Really, queen? All because he says I mother him too much. Which, I do. I really do but... Newflash moron: If you don't wanna be mothered, stop acting like a fucking child. When he had his fucking head on straight, I wasn't saying shit. We were on the same page. But of course, no one wants to argue with logic. No, no. It's all my fault. He said I'm more of a mom than his girlfriend. Well touche, motherfucker. You're more of a child than my boyfriend. Which means, by default, you really do have a thing for M.I.L.F.S and apparently I'm some creepy, shady child predator. Ugh! And to top it all off, I found the contract he signed last year and after I read it, I go so angry, hurt and upset, I haven't been able to really talk to him since. It's going on day 4...)☜ That is quite possibly the longest parenthesis bracket I've ever written. Anywho, yeah. Guardians was pretty freaking awesome. I swear, the opening sequence alone was worth the price of admission. Things I liked...
*** Baby Groot. Everything he did, I loved. I especially liked the end credits where he was teen Groot and he was mocking Quill. That shit was hilarious cuz let's get real: If you don't think your kids mock you behind your back, you're lying to yourself.
***Yondu. Dude man, Yondu was awesome as fuck with his arrow, yo. The end of the movie was kinda fucked up tho'. But (Yes, there's a but) his funeral was quite possibly the greatest movie funeral I have ever seen. I can tell why he was so upset when he found out he had been exciled. I woulda been devastated too if I had to miss out on all that.
***Ego. Ego is, to me, one of Marvel's few good villans. Sometimes... No, most of the time, their villans are pretty one dimensional (Loki excluded of course) and most of the storyline is spent on the heros. Ego is introduced early on and when you find out his backstory, it's hard not to sympathize. That is, until you find out he's the one who put the tumor in Quill's mom's head. After he blurted out that little nugget, I had a Captain America: Civil War moment where I was all: "I don't give a crap. You killed dude's mom." At least he didn't start yelling "Martha!" (Batman v Superman will NEVER live that shit down)
***Gamora wasn't as good as she was on the 1st one. I felt like they watching her down Katniss style. (If you've read The Hunger Game trilogy, you totally understand that reference) I did, however, enjoy all her scenes with Nebula.
***Anything Drax and Mantis did. Like, they had some some of the best onscreen chemistry to say chick is a new character to the movies. Especially when he was explaining his backstory and she reached over and touched his shoulder. Dude, when she burst into tears because she could feel his emotions, talk about someone who was heartbroken! It was beautiful. I liked that her ability was to absorb and or cause emotions of the people she makes contact with. Sometimes I feel like I have that ability. Oh, and the end where Baby Groot cuddled up on Drax's arm so he could go to sleep was just the right amount of "awwwww" that I needed.
***I'm in love with Rocket. Mantis asking if she could pet Drax's "puppy, meaning Rocket then having Rocket almosy rip her arm off was hilarious. Drax's loud, bellowing laughter at his "practical joke" was just fucked up funny.
***Not gonna lie, I didn't enjoy Quill in this movie as much as the 1st. He had some good moments but they don't stick out as much as the ones with everyone else. I did like the part where he talked Gamora into dancing with him tho'. That was cute.
All in all, it was a nice bleep in time to an otherwise fucked up weekend. Glad I saw it.
PS: Other than that great movie, the greatest part of my Saturday night was Tasha bringing me a mother's day gift. I carried my fan everywhere. I felt so special. I hope she knows how important she made me feel. Especially with how the night ended.

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9: Episode 8...

"Can't I just woe in my depression? *pause* *eyeroll* No? They're gonna make me go..."
- Nina Bonina (I heart her so)

No Nina. If I can't, neither can you.
It's time for another episode of Rupaul's Drag Race... Yaaaas!
So let's see what's good in my queens' hood this week...
Yes Trinity, Farrah's days are numberes... Or at least, I hope so. This week is the reading challenge. I love this challenge.
Alexis Michelle got mad at her read. Ya shoulda seen her face! *hysterical laughter* The Rupaul Roast is back! No, no... But wait, they aren't roasting Ru. They're roasting Michelle Visage. Uh oh, spaghettios! Alexis Michelle, girl, you're not immune to a good reading. So Farrah practically called you the Pilsbury dough chub. Give her some credit: That's as close to a laugh as she's gotten outta me all season. Let her have her moment.
Peppermint got detained in Russia for being trans. That's just awful. Okay... Let's go roast Michelle! Come on queens, make me laugh!
Top queens this week...
1. Shea Coulee... Hilarious!
2. Nina Bonina as her own great aunt
3. I think Peppermint is gonna win this thing. Her jokes were genuinely funny considering how gah-awful her snatch game was. Even if she doesn't win, hazzah!
Bottom hoes... ("They all bottoms!" - The beautifully talented Willam Belli. I only quote the masters.)
1. I'm so sad for Valentina. I hated her unfunny garbling.
2. Trinity... Girl, you are not funny... It's bad. It's so bad.
3. Farrah... I knew it before she opened her mouth. It's bad. It's bad. It's oh so very bad. I hope she goes home. Please go. I cringed the whole way through.
Gah, no... there's a 4th. Dude, Alexis Michelle. Yeah, that shit was painful as fuck.
Who do I think should lipsync? Imma go with Alexis Michelle and Farrah. Yeah, Alexis Michelle needs to lipsync. Bitch deserves it. Lipsync, ho. Lipsync. Lawd, Rupaul just called her The Green Mile. Come through, She Hulk! I can't take credit for the She Hulk line. That was all Shea... It was funny as fuck tho'. Now, Alexis says it's Michelle Visage's favorite color but I don't care. Why would you paint your whole body that color? Yeah, for that and so many other things... Lipsync bitch. Ugh! Hey, I was right... Farrah vs. Alexis... FIGHT!
Farrah going home. I dunno whay they're lipsyncing to but I hate it... *sighs* I was right. Bye bye, Farrah. FINALLY! Gah, I thought I would never get this moment. See, the same episode she got a chuckle outta me from, she finally went home... Hashtag winning!


"I'm not playing when I say I'm insecure about things."
- Jinkx Monsoon

Ya know, I'm a little annoyed with work people today. Why? Okay, so Sunday I watched the Movie awards on Mtv. Jovous asked me did I see it. I was like, "Yeah, sure." He asked did I see that best on-screen kiss was won by 2 guys. (Of course I did... This is me we're talking about) He said something along the lines of: "Bruh... That was nasty." I was like: "Nasty? Nasty? They were in a loving relationship. Nasty is a guy fucking a random girl who probably has 30million STDs that you probably can't even pronounce. That's nasty." To which he started laughing but I was dead perserious. Like, no dude. No. If you find 2 men in a relationship gross but are 100% supportive of a guy having a one night stand with some bitch whose name they probably won't remember when the sun comes up, there's a disconnect somewhere. I mean, how is gay "nasty" but raw dogging bitches and hoes with the herps a-okay? I was just shaking my head in disbelief. Why do we teach kids that it's okay suck, fuck, lick and whatever the fuck to a nameless/faceless body but two boys? Ew nasty, nasty. That shit makes no sense. I think it bothers me so bad because I know many, many people who are downright disgusted by our community but are okay fucking and sucking randoms. Like, really queen? How is your life acceptable but mine isn't? What makes you so deserving of your one night stand ​that you have the right to judge a kiss... Or more by two people in a freaking relationship?
Ugh... People and their entitlement.
Just annoying.
"I love her but... Bye bitch."
- (Trinity... Finally, someone being honest about Cynthia Lee)

*waves wildly*
Hi peoples! Tho' the cucu is gone gone, she lives on in this episode recap... That's right, it's time for another episode of
Rupaul's Drag Race!
Um... They just did a close up of Trinity's ass. Is her ass about to be gone? Gah, I hope not. She has grown on me... Like a pimple... Whoo! Scary. You know what happens to a pimple...
Alexis Michelle: I had a dirty dream about Sasha last night.
Nina: Rated R?
Um... Please let that snipet be some piss poor editing cuz no Nina. No. Aja... Hush dear. She is whining and going on and on. Nina did a role she didn't want two weeks ago. *sighs* Shea switched with the crybaby. "Now you look like a bitch playing a bitch in the last scene." ☜ Here is where that Kermit 🐸 sipping tea meme should go. Thank you for that, Peppermint.
I'm skirrrrrred, y'all. Nina is doing awful. And Farrah still sucks. Way to balance it out. Thank you, Universe.
Peppermint and Aja making out... I'M DYING!!! It's between Aja, Farrah and... Please don't make me say it... *takes a deep breath* Nina... *takes another* Bonina *sobs uncontrollably* B-B-Brown... It's gonna be Nina *does a sign of the cross* vs. Aja unless they hate Farrah more... Here's to hoping... *eyes crossed* Today's production (allegedly) prodded coversation: Cancer and dying and death and fucking cancer. (If you can't tell, I'm not a huge fane of cancer. Fuck you, Cancer. Fuck you right in the eye) Sasha is a bald queen because his mother didn't think she could be beautiful without hair. So he shaved his head in solidarity. My eyes... I've got something in my eyes!!!
Top 3 this week...
1. Shea
(With Shea winning... I think Shea is gonna win Season 9... I love Nina but bitch is killing it)
2. Trinity (She might win... Shea vs. Trinity)
3. Valentina
Nah, I think Nina's cat runway should keep her safe. I hope. Imma be right back... Gotta go sacrifice a chicken or 5... Anybody got a virgin I can borrow? Asking for a friend
*innocent whistling*
Trinity won... I can live with that. And now *drum roll please*
Aja vs. Nina...
Um... I'm not ready...
Not gonna lie, that shit was close as fuck but Nina won. Hell, Bob the drag queen had a tiff with Lucian (Whose career is probably sporting some perserious Titanic Jack & Rose "I'll never let go" realness right now) and bitch came back and won. This means nothing. Go Nina!
Bye bye, Aja's whining. I absolutely cannot wait until Farrah's whining peals out next.
PS: Once again, no pit crew or mini challenge this week. Did everyone get laid off? *tears* Is it the recession? Did the VH1 budget not cover the classics we've come to know and love? Find out next time on Batman! Same bat time, same bat channel. Wait... what? That's a different show and a totally different decade. *looks around* Dude, no one noticed. Whew! Nailed it
PS2: I'm super duper ubber glad they're continuing to show Fire Island. 💜 Patrick 💜

I Didn't Forget, I Just Didn't Post...

"Some people actually care about the people in their lives."
- Patrick (Fire Island)

Top of the day to ya... I'm currently fighting sickness and writing this entry which I should have already written but... I didn't. No, I have no excuses. Yes, I am a horrible human being. Sure, I could do better. Nah, I probably won't. *winks*
So... What did I miss?
Well, since it's the 1st of May, sadly, I realized I never mentioned Kyle and Brittney's wedding anniversary on April 18th. Probably because it isn't there's anymore, ya know? It's just another day now. I never mentioned David and my 16th anniversary on the 19th. Probably because it was a stressful day and sometimes I just don't know anymore.
More than anything, I never mentioned Brittney's birthday on April 23rd. Now, I actually have a phone alert and everything so I really have no idea why I didn't post. So yes, I am late. No, it doesn't matter. I loved her so any day is a good day. Like, ya know... Today... Since I've been thinking of her.

💜 Thought you should know 💜
"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans."
- Patrick (Fire Island)

Ugh... I am so done with everything today. So, what's the T? (Or tea. I believe it's tea. Ya know, like that Kermit meme sipping tea... Yup, kinda like that.)
More fun times with the James shit. Ugh! Really? That shit died out like all those nutbars Jim Jones convinced to drink his "special koolaid". It's so over and done and cast into the sea of forgetfulness. (Well, not really. Apparently, as long as there's air in David's lungs, I'm never allowed to forget it) tired of that being the 1st card David plays as soon as he's in trouble about something. What did he do this time? Pull up a chair... Let me tell you a story called *bullhorn* "Things That Bug Me..."
*over exaggerated throat clearing* I try. I really do. I'm in no way, shape or form perfect but at the end of the day, I try. I don't hafta be in the game. I'm satisfied just being on the team. Caught David. Again. (Gah, this is getting old) Instead of smoozing over it, Imma smooze over how I feel about myself lately. I feel lost. Like, I spend most of the day masquerading as a functioning member of society but at the end of the day, when the water cleanses the dirt, sweat and gross from my otherwise smoothe (How's that for a description? ) skin, I'm really angry lately. I don't understand why I don't deserve someone's best. Truth is, as I've mentioned before, I don't feel anything bad about any of that stuff. I mean, I did it. That's my truth. I'm not acting like I'm some victim cuz I wish I was still doing it sometimes. At least then I had a distraction from *waves off imaginary hoard of flies* all of this. Does that make me right? Not even a tiny bit. Newsflash sports fans: I'm not always right. (Yeah, I know. Shocked me too) Sometimes I'm super duper ubber wrong... I'm just disgustingly drop dead gorgeous when I do it so... *laughs* I kid... I kid... Honestly, I want what every sane person on the planet wants: Peace. I just want my family to be my family. I want David to stop hiding behind his mistakes and stand in front of them. To admit you can't holler "MISTAKE!" if you continue to do stuff and if you're not sorry, then own that shit. If you wanna live your life, do you. Just don't drag the ship down with your fuckery. How am I wrong for wanting that? It makes me feel so sad sometimes. Somehow I manage to wake up every morning and swallow it whole but there are days when I miss that month when we were truly happy. I'm glad we had that month cuz this ain't it. I'm tired of all of this. Like, with the throat stuff, relationship crap, kid mess and all that there is in between, when is there time for me?
I guess I'm not supposed to feel this way.
My life is not mine therefore it is not about me. Facts.
Sad, depressing, lonely, irritating, anger inducing, stressful, disgusting facts.
You know what?! I just figured out my problem: I'm disgusted. I'M 100% DISGUSTED
There. I said it.
So what comes next?

Rupaul's Drag Race Episode 6 Recap...

"I ain't here for a long time so I'm here for a good time."
- Patrick (Fire Island... I love him... He is my spirit animal)

Hey kitty gurls! It's time for another exciting (Hopefully. This season is rivaling Season 7 on the boredom scale... Without Violet or Katya... Lawd...) episode of Rupaul's Drag Race. *extremely ghetto voice* Why dis bitch (Farrah) calling out my Nina Bonina? I'm scared tho'... Every time a show (*cough cough* Walking Dead *cough cough*) focuses too much on a person... BAM! They're out... Survivor style...
Ah, it's time for everyone's favorite game show: Snatch game!!!
Best queens... Top 3 style of course cuz that's how we roll in the shire... ***Timeout! I just wanna say this week has been fucking depressing (More relationship bullshit cuz ya know, why not?) and I've been a big ass ball of sad. (My throat still hates me so fucking much) I'm feeling a bit better cuz Rupaul's Drag Race makes me squeal like a little school girl so I just wanna say how happy I am this show exists... Now... Time in***
1. Nina Bonina (Jasmine Masters)
2. Shea Coulee (Naomi Campbell)
3. Alexis Michelle (Her Liza Minelli was cute as hell...)
No... Aja should not be doing Alyssa. Violet killed that shit in Season 7. No, no, no! Down girl! *swat on the nose* *accusatory Harry Potter voice* How dare you stand where he once stood?!
OMC... No top 3...
1. Aja (Alyssa Edwards... Just no bitch on principal alone)
2. Farrah (Gigi Hadid... That shit was unfunny and awesome)
3. Cynthia Lee Fontaine (Sofia Vagara (sp?)... That shit was just disgustingly) boring
And a 4th...
4. Peppermint... (Nene Leakes... Girl, no... ugh! Even tho' she just told the other queens she's trans and I'm proud as hell... still no)
They're redoing The Night of A Thousand Madonnas... Ya know, after Kimonogate from Season 8. Holy shit! Shea and Peppermint did the same fucking looking! I'm screaming! So did Nina Bonina and Trinity! Stop it... *laughs hysterically *
So... who's gonna lipsync?
Imma say Farrah vs. Cynthia... The sequel. The other two were equally bad but those two... Just no man... No.
Oh man, Fire Island is coming on next! Yeeeeees!
So, Cynthia vs. Peppermint... Not Farrah. Hm. Choices. Dude... Man, Peppermint stomped Cynthia. Straight up squashed... Like a roach in the projects. Like a rat in a back alley. Like a fly on the wall. Like a spider in 99.999999% of houses in America. Like a dead body in a hit and run... Shit was crucial
RIP Cynthia saying "cucu" every 22 seconds. Slay Peppermint, slay
PS: "Peppermint... Your Nene was a no no..." - Rupaul (LMFAO)
PS: Gah, I hope Patrick gives me somemore quotes on Fire Island tonight... Here's to hoping 😄
"All that taught me is I can't trust none of these bitches."
- Nina Bonina (Rupaul's Drag Race)

Hello my pets... Welcome to Episode 4 of Rupaul's Drag Race. Dude, what ever happened to the mini challenges?
Damn... I said that and they brought back the mini challenges and pit crew... Thank you gay cows
Alexis' selfie was best so she won the mini challenge. Ugh! The maxi challenge is based off those ratchet ass Kardashians. Why, Ru? Why? The only thing I like is this is gonna be a musical and I absolutely live for Ru's musicals.
Todrick Hall is the guest choreographer. Chester is with him. Awww! I earned this day... It's a rap musical!!! (Entry update: Only Shea's part was a rap) I'm so in this... Nina Bonina is mad cuz she hates her assigned part. I get it but *Latrice Royalle voice* Good god gurl get a grip.
You know what I like about this season even if it's a producer ploy? They discuss real shit. Right now they're talking about struggling with eating disorders. I didn't know there was such a high standard of face/body appeal within the gay community. It's like the ridiculous standards expected of models.
Ru... I heart that dress. That hair! Yaaaaaas! Top three picks from Kardashian, the musical...
1. Shea Coulee (Probably still spelling this wrong)
2. Nina Bonina (Bitch did her thing despite hating her part)
3. Alexis Michelle (Hilarious as Kris Jenner)
Sidebar: I hope they don't ream Eureka for not doing alot with her legs. She hurt herself during the cheerleadering challenge. Not her fault. She annoys me but fair is fair and an injury is not your fault.
Nina is crying... Nooooo! She tries to hard. She doesn't trust her talent.
Shea won this challenge. Imma say bottom 2 is Farrah Moan and Cynthia Lee since she didn't know the words. I was right! Let's see these bitches lipsync.
So... who won? Wait... Why does Ru need a moment? Wtf? Where is she going? She's back. Wtf?! She called Eureka. Why?! What's going on? Because of her leg, Eureka is getting eliminated but she has an open invitation to return for season 10. She was annoying as fuck but bitch SERVED. So neither Cynthia or Farrah go home but truth be told, I believe Farrah won that thing.
Just saying.
PS: There's a show based in Fire Island... It stars all gay men. I'm so in. They're all super hot and super exciting. They're doing a preview on VH1 right now so... Imma watch. See what I think. I might keep watching despite my disgust of reality TV. I mean... They're hot!!!!!!



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